Knoxville Lawn Care | Aeration & Overseeding

Core aeration is a process used to help reduce soil compaction and allow nutrients, air, and water easier access to the root system of the turf. There are two main types of aeration tools, which are the plug aerator and a spike aerator. The plug aerator is the tool Lawn Butler uses.  The spike aerator can actually increase compaction in the area of the holes. A plug aerator pulls a small “plug” approximately ¾” in diameter, 3-4” deep and 4-6” apart from each other.  Some lawns require passing over the yard two or three times if the existing turf is in poor condition.  The removal of the “plug” has multiple purposes. With the “plug” section of turf removed from the ground, the resulting hole allows the surrounding area room to expand thus relieving compaction in the area. The “plug” hole also creates a safe area where seed cannot be washed or blown away when it lands inside, as well as a small microclimate inside the hole that helps with seed germination. Lastly, as the plug breaks down and composts, the minerals feedback into the ground creating nutrients for the soil beneath your turf.

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